April 27th, 2005


Distributed Computing.

Not infrequently I want to print a document (usually a Holiday Request Form) that's stored on helvellyn (my workstation at work). To do this I open it in MS Word on the Citrix Server, which is located in Houston, and print using a magic Citrix printer thingum that spools to my local lpd.

Earlier this afternoon one such printjob got wedged and #chiark seemed rather surprised about the procedure (oh god you're trying to print over the atlantic). In general I tend not to notice the physical location of machines, perhaps because most machines I use remotely run unix?
septimus divergence

I'm going deeper…

Well, I found the arsed that I needed to organise myself for the zone 1 tube challenge, and have booked the 5th (co-incidently election day -- gives me a good incentive to vote nice and early before I forget!) and 20th (the day itself) off work for the purpose.

Next I need a stopwatch.

</a></b></a>hoiho: it would be great if you came, but I really don't want to be trying to do it as a team — I think watching out for teammates would be more stressful than then the stress-relieving effect of having someone else along. (Does that make sense?)