April 13th, 2005

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Say it with figures

In our first term we banished the demons of […] mass unemployment …
Tony Blair, in "The Labour Party manifesto 2005"

</a></b></a>atreic quoted a section including this earlier, and I found that it didn't match up with my own memories. Granted, I admitted, my own memories were crowded by redefinitions of unemployment at the time, and other such factors, but it still doesn't feel right. Then </a></b></a>ewx was good enough to produce this paper which includes graphs.

Particularly note Figure 2 which strongly suggests that Labour merely maintained an existing downwards trend in unemployment during their first term (1997-2001) (which then appears to level off during their second term).

[starcraft] Not often you get to see an invisible overlord

Courtesy of a dark archon having Mind Controlled an enemy overlord (and the hydralisk within, but that got quickly killed) and then an arbiter providing field cloaking.

Zerg, of course, don't traditionally get cloaked units.

The purple colour looks a lot more effective on the Overlord than it does on my Carriers, in my mind.

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