April 7th, 2005


Favourite character meme.

OK, I'll bite. The theory behind this one is that you guess who my favourite character is in various thingums. Just to be revolutionary I'll divide them down into visual and written-word...


  1. Doctor Who
  2. Babylon 5
  3. Bugs
  4. X-Men (the two recent movies)
  5. Star Trek (TOS)
  6. Star Trek (TNG)
  7. The Princess Bride
  8. Dogtanian and the Three Muskerhounds


  1. Doctor Who
  2. JK Rowling's Harry Potter (par naturellement)
  3. Swallows and Amazons
  4. The collected works of RA Heinlein
  5. Robin Hobb's Assassin/Liveship/Fool sequence
  6. Anne McCaffrey's PERN series
  7. Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time
  8. The works of David Eddings

Guesses with reasoning encouraged :-)
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