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2005/03/28 16:15:00 - One thought.
I hate computers.
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2005/03/28 21:53:00 - Days at a time…
So, what have I done over the weekend?

Thursday: Got a Gale client working. More on this anon.

Good Friday: Free Churches service at Emma URC ("Father" Peter was in fine fettle) then lunch at home, some idle spoddery and food before deciding I felt unwell enough not to want to join the others at Tenebre.

Holy Saturday: Long lie-in, shopping, Starcraft, sleep. Oh, and some card games.

Easter Sunday: Avoided getting up for First Mass. Wesley morning service (Peter less fine fettle), lunch with Mark-WINOLJ, naomir, </a></b></a>yrieithydd and </a></b></a>claroscuro. Spoddery and a very late dinner.

Easter Monday: Very long lie-in. Helping </a></b></a>claroscuro do a my grandfather's axe job on magic, geek-pizza, spoddery, going "doom" about going to work tomorrow, making sandwiches and sleep. Oh, and hopefully getting ick-proxy working at home.
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2005/03/28 22:22:00 - Enabled
ick-proxy now working at home.

Yay, style=mine everywhere!
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2005/03/28 22:42:00 - TImewasting
I have recently been reading Undocumented Features, for which I blame </a></b></a>fluffymormegil.

So far I've only been reading the "Core". It's a trainwreck. But it still brings The Funny, and some of the references are quite cool.

OTOH it's a blatent self-insertion romp. I'm not sure why I'm still reading it, but it's fun. Kind of.
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Entry Tags: fluffymormegil, recs

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