March 24th, 2005


Gritty Urban Reality

Recently they've been chopping down trees around the Milton Road / A14-roundabout and Milton Road / Cowley Road junctions to make room for "Road Improvements" (which seem like a good idea to me in this case, if you assume that the traffic can't otherwise be alleviated as those junctions are a bottleneck).

I was rather surprised to see quite how bleak this makes the whole area look though, so I stopped to take some photos.

Just inside the Cowley Road junction is a field with a few Shetland Ponies (at least I think they are) in. They've been there all the time I've been here, and their field has only got smaller in that time. Urban legend says that they're required to be kept there for some land-ownership related reason or other. I wonder what they think of all the trees being cut down?