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2005/03/20 21:48:00 - Back in town…
Well, I'm back. Retreat was good and refreshing, but rather tiring. I did see the sea and have some of the best ice-cream in the UK and much fun and sillyness was had.
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2005/03/20 21:58:00 - Five years since
Five years ago on this day a rather tired and stressed </a></b></a>senji popped home on his way to geek pizza to check his email (in those days he didn't have net access at work, and sometimes pizza moved at the last moment).

He found an email from one of his friends whom he hadn't conversed with for a while. A short while after sending it she posted a message to with much the same content.

A very good friend of hers had recently been raped and murdered in Costa Rica.

That even was one of a very few occasions where he felt the need to visit a consecrated place for his prayers, and he prevailed on </a></b></a>slakko to let him use Queens' college chapel for this purpose.

Thus sustained he felt himself able to offer what little help and support he had to his friend.

Three days later he stood on Castle Mound and faced, praying, into the West as Emily's Memorial service started.

Laurabelle's page on Emily can be found here.

I never met Emily Howell, I haven't even met Laurabelle, but over the course of that week I came to feel that in some small way I knew something of her and wished to have known her as a friend. I never knew her until she died, but still I mourned.

Adrian Ogden was moved to write this which goes some way towards describing my own feelings.

Five years on I still remember Emily at this time of year.

Today would have been her 25th birthday.
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