March 14th, 2005


Sometimes the enemy of your enemy might even be your ally.

Well, we had our big climatic battle; Creation versus the Raksha; us, the Realm, the Silver Pact, some Solars, the Seventh Legion, and all sorts of other randoms.

We won too, although most of the battle was there to make sure that the important showdown between Melusine and Adar happened.

And then we picked ourselves up and went our separate ways. Brant went off to pursuade his quest to become the richest man in creation (with help from the Mountain Folk), Bitterness found reconciliation with his Master, Amyra found redemption and answers, Lucinda allowed herself to be captured by the owner she'd run from.

Vasily, Adarisa and Sayifa all went off to Lookshy, to be sorcerer-engineer, ambassador and assistant respectively.

And Adar? Adar left a legacy in legend, dying in single combat with Melusine, and ending the Balorian Crusade.
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