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2005/03/04 10:30:00 - I've said it before, and I'll say it again...
Bah, snow!

(Just taken 2 hours to get to work on public transport after having bailed out and left my bike at work 'cos of feeling too inept to cycle home last night).
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2005/03/04 11:46:00 - It's snow joke.
As you might have gathered it's been snowing here. I thought I'd grab a photo before it all went away again.

The building in the centre of the photo is the empty "Ionica" or "Zeus" building, which fills about half of the field of external view from my desk (I work somewhere off to the right of this shot).

I'm slightly amused to note that they've still got the "fountain" running even though most of the pond is frozen over.
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2005/03/04 12:00:00 - Sheep?
Prompted by an off the cuff comment from sil here (in approximate order) are the 25 most worn keys on my keyboard…
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I'm not sure what, if anything, you can deduce from that :).
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2005/03/04 22:45:00 - List everything on your desk...
From </a></b></a>enismirdal.

I cheated with my work desk, and posted a link to this photo, but here's my home desk.

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