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2005/02/21 11:35:00 - Knightsbridge
On my way back from Picocon on Saturday I stopped off at Knightsbridge station to take photos of some bits of the old platform decoration that were exposed on both the East- and West-bound platforms.

Of particular interest is the poster in the second photo giving details of the introduction of Zone 6 (right).
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2005/02/21 21:39:00 - Illogic
Now, I did comment on this via an sms_to_lj message, but it doesn't appear to have turned up... :-/

Earlier, at Cambridge Station, I asked an UpperCrust employee if I'd be able to purchase food at 0615.

She said no, because they didn't open until 0600.
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2005/02/21 22:28:00 - emacs mode for the brain
Is it bad that my current-best-practice way of spelling Millennium is:

m i l e n i u m M-x ispell-word 0
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