February 4th, 2005


Here at work we have something that on good days I deign to call a database. One of the procedures involving this database involves importing a file listing from a CD.

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I just got a text claiming to be from O2 (my service provider).
Hi, O2 here. Enjoy FREE text &
picture messages 7-8pm every 
day for 6 months. To join text
"Happy Hour" to ***** (free txt).
Terms apply see O2.co.uk
So, thinking that
(a) this might be good,
(b) it might be a scam and O2 might want to know about it,
I throw up O2.co.uk in my web browser and get this page – http://www.o2.co.uk/browserupgradeNetscape.html – telling me that my browser is out of date (and misidentifying it in the process).

Let Me At The Content Dammit.

Oh, fuckit, can't be arsed with them.

Graphs, graphs!

(quack quack, quack quack)

Following </a></b></a>ewx waving a network diagram around that nmg had posted here I decided to produce one myself.

It shows all interests and journals that at least 8 of my fiends (which includes me) have fiended. I've put approximate coloured blobs in for various groups (I can't htink of anything appropriate for the big remaining region(s).

(Click on the small picture to see the large picture, 321K)