February 1st, 2005


What I did on my weekend

A busy weekend probably deserves an lj entry :).

On Friday </a></b></a>atreic, </a></b></a>claroscuro, and I ventured over to Relativity to play games with </a></b></a>ceb, Diziet, and </a></b></a>angoel. We played a game of </a></b></a>angoel's Underground (Paris variant) in which we decided that the points scores for one thing were too high, and then (after </a></b></a>claroscuro had departed for forn part(ie)s) we played a game in which we were Pirates (Arrrr!) and had to get a certain amount of treasure (either by digging or by hitting other pirates in the hope of stealing theirs). 'twas a fun evening.

Saturday morning we got up Much too early and went off to play the LotR CCG again. </a></b></a>claroscuro and I came second and first in the draft (which must have been our best combined result ever, I think) and she placed in the Constructed.

On Sunday I woke up and was inept and didn't feel like going to church.
</a></b></a>claroscuro and I did, later, go over to Oblivion for </a></b></a>edith_the_hutt's new ArsMagica game (wherein </a></b></a>naath, </a></b></a>the_inquisitor, and Gwyntar were other players). Later on Sunday we went to the Jómsborg Wake, where I played a game of Lord of the Fries (Mmm, Braiiiins and Berry Pie), selected CUSFS Vice-Presidents by means of the Memory Game&lowast, lost at Pairs LotR Confrontation and read the Neil Stephenson book The Big U.

Then on Monday morning we rose the sun at the Afmælisdagr. I slept most of the daytime and finally ventured out briefly to Pizza, which was attended by both Kathy and Lois (who brought </a></b></a>aldabra and arnhem with them).

The elected Vice Presidents were:
  • Ragnarok

  • Generic Sugar-free Cherryade

  • The Amarantin

  • Sleep

  • Doctor Susan Calvin

  • Fiery Laser Death