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2005/01/25 20:11:00 - "You are required to attend and give evidence at Cambridge Magistrates Court…"
Some time ago (well into last year) I and two of my friends were cycling from Geek Pizza when a bus was more than usually aggressive at our "pack leader". Complaints were made in the direction of the police and witness statements given. We expected that this would be the end of it since this kinds of things are notoriously hard to bring to court.

At the end of last year we were rather surprised to get phone calls telling us that the case would be coming to court.

Today I got a letter demanding my attendance at court.

[2005/03/14, 2005/03/17, 2005/03/21, cam.transport]
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2005/01/25 20:25:00 - Private what?
Anyone want to chip in to a £20 Companies House registration fee to become part of a Private Security Company...?
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2005/01/25 20:30:00 - Tropidorhynchus Corniculatus
Today so far I have spent:

  • ½ hour showering

  • ½ hour puttering around at home going meh, early

  • ¾ hour cycling around Cambridge

  • 5¾ hours travelling via other means

  • 1 hour having lunch

  • 1 hour watching people have technological problems

  • 1 hour having a pretty meaningless administrative change described in such a way that it sounded entirely doom– and despondency–worthy (how do Manglers manage that when they're trying to reassure people and make them happy?)

  • 3½ hours being told about bits of the Western Europe Managed Services Practice

  • 1 hour having dinner

  • 55 minutes spodding

  • 5 minutes giving money to LiveJournal on </a></b></a>claroscuro and my behalf

Why do I feel that the last of these was the most useful use of my time?
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