January 18th, 2005



Assuming you have a piece of universally interesting news∗ and a gossip network† what distribution approaches are there that:
  • minimise the amount of time T80 that it takes 80% of the target audience to learn the news

  • maximise the eventual penetration of the news into the population P(informed)

  • minimise the maximum or mean number of redundant notifications that are received. Rmax, Rmean

that is: all people wish to hear it once, and all people are willing to redistribute it.
like LiveJournal, or more generically the Blogging Network.
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The Lipson-Shiu Corporate Type Test

This Myers-Briggs-alike test came up on #chiark yesterday, and later at Geek Pizza; so I thought I'd share it with the world...

My result was:

SCIE (Natural Distaster)
The exact form of the problems that arise from the SCIE are hard to predict, since even the SCIE doesn't know. The SCIE is able to generate random acts of cruelty without effort or intention. Just stay out of their way and try to find shelter (Example: Cthulhu)
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Another three ride the bus

When I got back after New Year I had a letter from Stagecoach in reply to my comment card dated 22 October(sic).

It said:

…and I was most concerned to note its contents. I am also sorry for the delayed reply. We had been using a number of agency staff and unfortunately your complaint had been filed before the matter had been looked into and dealt with.

At this time in the evening at the Cowley site there are a number of buses which terminate at this time and return to the depot dead, I was however more concerned to hear of the delay you experienced.

In general it is not practical for another driver to do a run back into town if he is not scheduled to as we are closely governed with driving hours, as drivers scheduled to do certain trips generally have to unless a replacement is found.

On this occasion there had been a slight disruption during the day due to traffic and road works in the city centre.

Please accept my apologies and I hope that in the future you do not encounter any further problems.

Ignoring the deconstruction possibilities of this ("In general we can't do this unless we can") I'm heavily unconvinced; particularly since the works have been there for months...
* * *

This morning I caught what was apparently the first 07:21 bus to be on time this year from Girton Parish Church.

I may start keeping a diary of bus times.
* * *

On my way home I saw a Stagecoach recruitment poster which they'd evidently contracted out to a grocer — both part's if it is one of the photocard ones.