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2005/01/09 00:06:00 - Infelicities
Oh, and due to infelicities in LJ; I can't conveniently catch up stuff between leaving for Christmas (23rd) and about Christmas day. If there's owt important; prod me.
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2005/01/09 21:41:00 - Books
This year I actually am going to catalogue the books I've read. Fortunately I've only finished 3 since New Year...

1. Brookmyre, Christopher. quite ugly one morning
2. Brookmyre, Christopher. country of the blind
3. Brookmyre, Christopher. boiling a frog

Three books – the tales of Jack Parlabane; Scotland's foremost "Investigative Journalist". Very good, highly recommended and occasionally slightly nauseating. And I must thank </a></b></a>mhw and </a></b></a>antinomy for recommending Brookmyre in the first place (some time ago now).
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2005/01/09 21:50:00 - How come...
...I look for ways to subvert physical security measures wherever I go?
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