December 15th, 2004



I had a strange dream last night. This isn't uncommon, but it's rare for me to remember any details at all. The one that sticks out from last night is that, in the middle of a fairly standard action/thriller dream Céline Dion revealed herself to actually be a l337 h4><0r using the singing business as a disguise.

~ ~ ~

I saw a CCAT eight on the river this morning. I wonder if the additional opportunities to practice actually help them.

~ ~ ~

On the corner of Milton Road and Green End Road a house is having its roof replaced (supports and everything). This is the second house I've seen in this state this month; surely it's actually quite a bad month to take the roof off a house?
sleepy rin

On identification

Occasionally (well, about once a week) I see someone who looks like someone I know (well, actually, probably about 10% of the population of the UK look like someone I know, what I mean is that they look sufficiently like someone I know that I spend a little conscious time wondering if they actually are the person I know).

More occasionally I see someone who I can't say that I don't know, usually because I've not seen the person I think they might be for some time, or I'm seeing them horribly out of context. In particular, either of these cases can lead to quite a large "cone" of possible appearances.

In these cases I'm never sure if it's more irritating when I can't possibly talk to them or when I merely don't because I'm unsure if they're who I think they might be.