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2004/12/14 10:02:00 - Userpics!
Inspired by </a></b></a>ewx I've pulled out the most recent seven-hundred-or-so userpics from my squid-logs (the last two log files here at work) and slapped them up on a webpage here.

I appear to have noticably less santa hats than he does! :)
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2004/12/14 12:58:00 - Recycled meme
While looking back at </a></b></a>ewx's old entry I bumped into the Human Virus Scanner.

These are the viruses I am or may be infected with.
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2004/12/14 16:17:00 - Today at work I have:
Written one line of code. (plus two #include lines) (untested)
Converted one file from one file format to another.
Renewed one Sun Support Contract (I hope).
Sent two other emails (without reply as yet).
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