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2004/12/07 09:19:00 - Rocking around the Christmas Tree
A while back I was involved in a discussion on #assassins which briefly touched on the idea of using custom rock with the word "POISON" written through the middle as a poisoned food item for use in the game.

These people do custom texted rock. Unfortunately only (as I originally thought was likely) in quantities that are too large to be practical for such a use. On the other hand, I think that custom rock is a great idea and needs to be done by someone :).
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2004/12/07 16:06:00 - XML validity
I need to stick a validation step in the senji_links submission process; since using livejournal failing to slurp things as a validation check is prone to not noticing for dayshours.
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2004/12/07 19:07:00 - …they go Round and Round…
What goes East Road, Gonville Place, Regent Street, Emmanuel Street?

A Park and Ride bus that's turning around to go back the way it came.

(Buses doom, film whenever it gets into the studio).
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7th December 2004 - Squaring the circle...

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