December 6th, 2004


Christmas cards.

I think I have pretty much the addresses of everyone I'd like to send cards to (somewhere!), but if you'd like a card and I don't already have your address/you've moved then if you could answer my earlier postcard poll then I'll be consulting that.

Today I've sent off cards to the antipodes. On the last posting date. See the eptitude!

Rhythm is the key as we open up the door...

This weekend I went to Houghton on Retreat with MethSoc. We did all the usual sort of MethSoc retreaty stuff, like bible study, worship, sillyness, going out to see the Houghton Lights switched on ("SHINE BRIGHT CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!") and late night poker sessions (for pleasure, not money).

The Lights ceremony was a bit of a disappointment this year, but we went on our longest ever Retreat Walk — through the Hemingfords (of which there are only two; so that doesn't increase my Fenland Percentage) and then through one edge of St. Ives before walking back along the river to Houghton.

Despite only getting 12 hours sleep, I feel a lot less weary than I did before the weekend (although still about as tired).

Amusingly </a></b></a>emperor and </a></b></a>yrieithydd (and possibly other people I know that I don't know about) were just over the river on Retreat with LSM in Hemingford Grey.