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2004/11/30 00:15:00 - Tracks in the frost
Cycling along Gilbert Road on my way home this evening I could see the tracks of bicycle wheels in the frost. The interesting thing about this was that they tended to overlap a lot around cars, but then spread out a lot in the gaps between cars; with the outside-most lines running pretty-much straight, and the inside ones going most of the way to the curb.
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2004/11/30 00:26:00 - Scrobbling audios
Amusingly rmc28 and antinomy are my 3rd and 6th closest in music tastes on Audioscrobbler.
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Current Music: Pink Floyd -- Run Like Hell [Midwinter78's]
Entry Tags: antinomy, music, random 2004, rmc28

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2004/11/30 01:20:00 - F O G
Some time back now, I modified my friends page to include a BBC weather glyph for Cambridge (via an evil hack).

For the first time ever it says [F O G].
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Entry Tags: hacks, lj, random 2004

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2004/11/30 09:40:00 - More Weather
After last night's exciting fog, steph pointed out to me this morning that we appear () to have rainclouds against the backdrop of a burning sky. I have asked the BBC why.

Edit: They appear to have fixed it. Unfortunately I didn't save a copy of the original image. I wonder what happened.

Edit 2: </a></b></a>pm215 still had a copy in his browser cache, so the original is now available:
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Entry Tags: pm215, random 2004, stephdiary

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2004/11/30 16:43:00 - Stuff what I have done today.
I'm feeling quite chuffed about thinking at right angles to problems today; having achieved a few tasks in deceptively simple ways.

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2004/11/30 23:22:00 - Bartók or Mussorgsky?
What a surprise. oggenc encodes Mussorgsky significantly faster (in input bits per second) than it does Bartók
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Current Music: Queen -- Somebody To Love
Entry Tags: geeky, music, one-liner

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