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2004/11/26 17:16:00 - DEFRA
</a></b></a>emperor has been wrestling with a cattle movement dataset he got from DEFRA I expect he'll rant about its crapness soon.

This is, of course, not the real cattle movement dataset; it's a carefully crafted device to make people think that DEFRA are plausibly incompetent. In reality there is a secret DEFRA Bunker under St Thomas' Hospital where the CCMD is kept; containing details of every Cattle Movement in the country, down to the millimeter using satellite tracking and embedded microchips.

Adjacent to it are the CCMD and, strangely, the CCMD.
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2004/11/26 17:36:00 - Personally chauffered bus service -- a tale in four texts.
In the last 15 minutes I've recieved these text messages from </a></b></a>claroscuro

26/11/2004 17:16

Mental!  Have a WHOLE bus
alltomyself :-)

26/11/2004 17:17

Better n better - it SKIPPED
cherry hinton totally!  Wowwww

26/11/2004 17:20

Gosh!  Now its run off its route
altogether and is skulking round
the back way to Addies!  It is a
bus just for me muahahahaha

26/11/2004 17:22

And I KNOW where the busses
go now.  Stagecoach BEWARE!
So there you go. That's why the bus service is so poor....
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