November 24th, 2004


The perl virtues of routefinding.

This morning I engaged in the kind of obscurant placing move[1] of which I rarely get the chance to assay. The constraints being that:
  1. I need to have a bicycle at Churchill to get home with this evening (unless I want to walk).
  2. I want to minimise the amount of effort expended[2][3].
  3. I have a Megarider ticket this week, so the incremental cost of bus travel is zero.
With this in mind I cycled to Churchill, and left my bicycle there, then walked a short distance to Madingley Road where I caught a number C4 bus[4].

Now, my original sketch of a plan was to stay on the C4 until its route intersected that of the 99Cowley Road Park and Ride, but I decided that it would be faster for little extra effort expended to get off at Pembroke and walk over to Drummer Street[5]. At this point I could get on a 99Cowley Road Park and Ride bus that takes me (practically) to work.

This story fails to demonstrate the third perl virtue of routefinding[6].

[1] A placing move is typically one made to facilitate an expected future journey.
[2] Over distance the bus is less effort than cycling is less effort than walking. This reverses for suitably short journeys.
[3] "Laziness".
[4] A 77Newmarket Road Park and Ride Bus would be a lot more convenient here, but it doesn't appear to stop on this segment of Madingley Road. I even got the chance to try this experimentally this morning.
[5] "Impatience".
[6] "Hubris".