November 22nd, 2004


Adventures in visual space.

I should've taken my camera out on Saturday. Or possibly not; since it takes up as much room as about 0.5kg of coffee.

There's a new coral coloured building on West Road (but I guess it's been about six months since I last walked along there), in the Sidgwick site (however, a photo exists on the web), and I saw the most wonderful fractal cloudscape with Reality Checkpoint in the foreground.

Also the apartment blocks on the far side of the Railway Line to the station appear to be almost finished being constructed.


Like many other SGO types I signed up for Audioscrobbler over the weekend, which has pointed out a certain amount of bad and unhelpful tagging in my ogg collection; and prompted me to start tidying it up...

Installing the software was a bit of faff though, involving talking to for one library, and compiling another myself. But that's life on the dull edge...

Audioscrobbler woes.

Hmm, Audioscrobbler seems now to be segmentation faulting when it tries to submit information. This seems to have occured since I tried to run xmms using the directory in which I'd placed all my .ogg files with names that are their md5sums...

Edit: Running xmms under strace(1) produces really wobbly output; presumably by slowing it down too much. I hate to think what valgrind(1) will do.... And I am, it appears, going to have to move to valgrind(1). Fun...

Edit #2: No, if(!fmt_strncasecmp(strrchr(fname, '.') + 1, "cda", 3)) isn't a reasonable bit of code when you haven't even checked to see if there is a . in the filename! (FPAV)

Character-Set woes

OK, so it was my ogg tagger getting it wrong; the "comments" fields should be encoded as UTF-8 not ISO-8859-1.

Nice to know the ogg people were getting it right. Oh, well.