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2004/11/20 19:16:00 - Upon
Today I purchased a copy of the Chronicles of Narnia. I'd seen it on Wednesday in the Oxfam bookshop, and hadn't wanted to purchase it before checking that we didn't already have sensible copies of the books.

It's a nice hardback edition; doesn't look like it's been particularly badly treated. On the first inside page is an inscription -- "Christmas 2001" and the usual "for X, with love from Y" message.

I wonder how long its been there, who X and Y are, and why X didn't want it...
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2004/11/20 23:56:00 - Also
I also had my hair cut; bought £50 of coffee beans, six bike light bulbs, and a pack of "Alice (in Wonderland)" playing cards; returned a library book; and failed to have a coffee (all the coffee shops were busy).

Also, logophiles might be interested to know that the "Books for Amnesty" shop on Mill Road has a complete OED from 1933. It appear to be in moderate (heavily used, but not obviously damaged on a cursory glance) condition and they're asking £400 for it.
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