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2004/11/19 11:23:00 - Starkworld
Some days I wish I lived in Starkworld, where any UI can be implemented without worrying about implementation details, where hardware Just Works, is Simple and Looks Cool, and where doing the obvious thing is always correct.
Current Mood: [mood icon] irritated
Entry Tags: cynical, geeky, rant, ui

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2004/11/19 13:31:00 - Cani Automatae
Should I worry that my instinctive reaction to even vaguely unhelpful automated call desks is to try tapping ** or ## to get through to a live human being?
Current Mood: [mood icon] introspective
Entry Tags: one-liner, question, ui

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2004/11/19 22:10:00 - Postcard
Eee! Postcard from </a></b></a>of_evangeline!
Current Mood: [mood icon] squeee!
Current Music: Evanescence -- Bring Me To Life
Entry Tags: life 2004, of_evangeline, one-liner 2004, postcards

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