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2004/11/15 09:24:00 - *blink*
Have flares suddenly become fashionable again?
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2004/11/15 13:03:00 - Cynicism 101?

Which alternative will teenagers prefer:

Do something sensible?
Or wear ridiculous clothes?

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2004/11/15 14:55:00 - Assassins
The bastards, they killed </a></b></a>koryne_is_me!

Bryony coshed her, dragged her to a safe location, waited for the Umpire (</a></b></a>mewo2) then dropped a boulder on her head.

Apparently there is a video recording of this execution.

</a></b></a>koryne_is_me was wanted for "consorting with a wanted criminal".

Edit: The video is available here.
Linux users will want a commandline akin to
mplayer -vop rotate=2 kirsty.avi
to view it.
Current Mood: [mood icon] shocked
Entry Tags: assassins, koryne_is_me, mewo2, random 2004, recs

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