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2004/11/09 06:30:00 - Bleh.
I hate getting up early in the morning to go places.

On the plus side; there's an Ozy And Millie today.
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2004/11/09 10:57:00 - Course I
Trains this am fine.
We have just had "two years of a geology degree" in pictures "in the style of the RSC".
Very interesting so far.
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2004/11/09 17:13:00 - Course II
Afternoon drifted into plate tectonics etc.
Am now on a Routemaster bus to Victoria where I expect to meet angelofthenorth
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2004/11/09 20:10:00 - Travelling (III)
I was planning on phoneposting but didn't find anywhere quiet.
Am on 2015 train, so should get home in time to go to bed!
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2004/11/09 21:45:00 - On SMS posts...
Hmm, my SMS posts appear to have lost their capital letters and quotation marks. Oh well; fixed.

The third one also hasn't turned up yet; but I'll assume that it's going to for the immediateness.
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