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2004/11/02 11:11:00 - Seen on the Eeenternet...

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Entry Tags: humour, image, random 2004

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2004/11/02 14:41:00 - They bought a bladdy Bus!
[eBay] [atreic] [CUBES]

(Draw your own conclusions)
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Entry Tags: atreic, link, random 2004, wtf?

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2004/11/02 15:51:00 - date -d '38292 Jan 1900'
# [04/11/02.15:46:29] $

: pts/99[8] bash[14964] ; date -d '38292 Jan 1900'
Tue Nov 2 00:00:00 GMT 2004

Date's behaviour...


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2004/11/02 17:17:00 - Hostage of Fate
This little thing jumped into my shopping trolley at TESCO this morning. It appears to be the smallest example of the series that includes Rivendell's other cats.

As yet it is unnamed, but I predict a fish name coming on...
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Entry Tags: housemates, life 2004, random 2004

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2004/11/02 22:10:00 - Next Week
Next week I'm in London on a Course for Work. This will mean 6am starts etc, but oh, well.

Tuesday I'm meeting </a></b></a>angelofthenorth afterwards.

Wednesday I've got to be back in Cambridge for </a></b></a>requiem_17_23's Enemy game. I haven't decided where to get food yet though. </a></b></a>timeplease: would I be able to get Food at the Oakdale on Wednesday 10th?

Thursday I'm currently planning on going to the Castle afterwards and then collapsing asleep; but if anyone wants to grab me for a couple of hours and can suggest somewhere in London to get food then I can go with that plan (but will still want to do the collapsing asleep bit).
Current Mood: [mood icon] organised
Current Music: Rammstein -- Amerika
Entry Tags: angelofthenorth, organisation, requiem_17_23, timeplease, work

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