October 21st, 2004

Phone Post: Hello world, and a poem

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“Right! any? evil? people which told me, I am trying out this here phone-posting thing.
Erm. In practise, 'cos I'm not likely to use it very much since according to ??? I only get 15 phone posts on-line at once -
but I guess that might change in the future, and anyway it's not ??? I'm using SMS which limits me to like 160 characters or something ridiculous.

Anyway, as some actual content I am going to end this entry with a poem from Dorothy Parker - yes it's a third one of these, er, and this one is called "The Flaw in Paganism".

Drink and dance and laugh and lie,
<br>Love, the reeling midnight through,
<br>For tomorrow we shall die!
<br>(But, alas, we never do.)

(Transcriber's note: I cheated and googled to make sure I had the poem words right.)”

Transcribed by: crazyscot

Fixed wav available here courtesy of crazyscot

Phone Post: File format, bus service and Dorothy Parker

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“Er, I think I accidentally cancelled that last one, so here we go again with [..garbled..]

Er. Yeah. So the [problem you might have had?] earlier was the WAV file format certainly[?] I asked it to use the Ogg Vorbis file format and hopefully this will work. I'm not holding out much hope, but other people seem to have managed before.

I am currently standing outside the Cowley Road Park and Ride depot in Cambridge where I am attempting to catch a bus back into town because I left my bike at the club[?] I was going to this evening because I was feeling very lazy this morning. Still. Yeah. The bus service round here is provided by Mr Souter who I mentioned in my earlier LiveJournal post and, well, yes, it's not surprising really. In fact, "not entirely convinced" is possibly understating the case a bit.

[wind noise] It's quite windy out here today, so I apologise if there is lots of noise on the signal [fx: transcriber laughs] and ... no, that's not a bus [..very garbled..]

So, as I try to end the post [garbled] anyway if I didn't cancel it, that is, I'm going to end this on a poem. Again, it's my third poem from Dorothy Parker. The title is "The Flaw in Paganism".

Drink and dance and laugh and lie,
Love, the reeling midnight through,
For tomorrow we shall die!
(But, alas, we never do.)”

Transcribed by: crazyscot

MP3 available here courtesy of crazyscot

One last piece of poetry...

... or rather an extract, since the entire poem is nine times this length.

Some people earlier today were complaining that they already knew most of the poems they'd been seeing; I suspect that that's not true of this -- the middle nineth of Virtual Garden, by David Amery.

the house is there
but the garden is gone
the land has three
new houses on

in bright red brick
the end of the wall
has left a mark
exactly the height

of my own head
in another time-zone
I could stand on tiptoe
and see right over
evil senji

(Don't) Park and Ride^WWait

Well, so after all that, I was waiting for a good 25 minutes for my Park and Ride bus; and two turned up and went to bed for the night (the depot is there too), and the council employee who manned the passenger centre (waiting room?) was hacked off too, so he handed out complaint forms which he's going to see go to his complaints authority (rather than Stageroach's).

Whether this will result in anything, who knows?