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2004/10/19 14:24:00 - Minor TMI
Nose-bleeding season appears to be resumed. If you notice me bleeding through my nose and running off to a convenient bathroom etc then please don't be worried; I'm used to it.
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2004/10/19 19:39:00 - 2½%
Like many other days, I went to Tesco today.

Like many other days, I got a bit confused about my receipt.

Unlike many other days, I remembered to write a livejournal entry about it.

The confusing thing looks like this:

When you pay by card, 2.5% of the total
cost of your shopping is paid by you to
Tesco Card Services Ltd for card handling
services, the remaining 97.5% will be paid
to Tesco Stores Ltd. All customers pay
the same amount regardless of how
they pay.

Why does this strange legalistic thingumy exist?
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