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2004/10/18 10:20:00 - Invention · Industry · Progress
On my desk at work I have a small stack of coins that I have been collecting, mainly special editions.

This morning I picked up one of the 2004 £2 coins, which have a steam locomotive and the inscription "R.TREVITHICK 1804 INVENTION · INDUSTRY · PROGRESS 2004", so out of the set of £2 coins I have 1999, 2002, 2003, and 2004. I don't have either the Marconi design (2001) or any of the "standard" "History of Technological Achievement" designs.

I also have the "Public Libraries" fifty pence and Jersey and Gibraltar 10p coins.
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2004/10/18 11:27:00 - D'oh!
The OED Word of the Day today is "D'oh".
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2004/10/18 14:01:00 - Pursuant to Khendon's "post an image of your desk" meme.
I present a link (it's a large image...)
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2004/10/18 14:47:00 - Tres Partes Divisa
In a shocking move today the British Broadcasting Corporation unilaterally declared the independence of the Saxon Kingdoms of the South from their former possessions in the North.

The rump state will retain the name "England" and the former North of England will be divided into three parts.

Details of governance within these regions are not currently clear, and we are awaiting a press conference with the Director General of the BBC later today which is hoped to clarify some of these issues.

A spokesperson for the BBC was heard to say "Omniora Aquilora in tres partes divisa est".

(original article)
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