October 15th, 2004

lego me

Mars Defends!

The answer to my quiz yesterday is 62.5g (and I here provide photographic proof for the disbelieving).

</a></b></a>mpinna, </a></b></a>ghoti, </a></b></a>mouse262, </a></b></a>andrewwyldgonzo, </a></b></a>vyvyan, and wishful_thinks all got it right, and win the amazing prize of getting mentioned in my livejournal.

Does anyone know why that size? ('cos I sure don't).

Oh, and a note for Americans, Continentals and other Aliens; 42.5g is 1½oz, 56.7g is 2oz and 70.9g is 2½oz. The Google Calculator can do these conversions for you, like this.

The consequences of exercising "Free Speech"

This week, Doonesbury has been running a sequence of strips called the "Honest Voices Reading List", which include links to sites that (presumably) might convince people to vote for Kerry.

This morning the link was for an editorial of the Lone Star Iconoclast; about how they weren't endorsing Bush this time around.

The subsequent editorial about the response to that editorial is a bit scary...