October 12th, 2004

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In other news...

Last night there were a million and one people at Pizza[1]; with the addition of an </a></b></a>aldabra (with Kathy) and a </a></b></a>nassus and practically everyone who ever comes usually. Unfortunately Pizza Express had a party of 45 so were unable to seat us all, and we hence went to Zizzi's on </a></b></a>antinomy's suggestion. We had been in the past and I hadn't been impressed, but this week they were better than they were and so I might not argue with going there again (although I wouldn't want to make it our default venue).

Afterwards, </a></b></a>atreic went home to complete her supervision work (as a Supervisor!) and </a></b></a>claroscuro, </a></b></a>emperor and I went to the CUSRC ceilidh-squash, and danced a bit, and only one person tried to cut off the circulation in my elbow. It was good.

Also, </a></b></a>atreic noted that in fact the Round squash will be this Thursday, not last; so I'll probably go to that too.

Tomorrow is the beginning (well character creation etc.) of </a></b></a>requiem_17_23's Exalted campaign, Enemy.

[1]Actually, about twenty and one
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Funny Housemates...

* Emperor slaps Senji around the head with Pilchard.

At this point </a></b></a>emperor vanishes out of the room, and after all he's just told me what he's about to do so I also vanish out of the room and grab Sardine. A soft-toy-cat fight (like a pillow fight) ensues.

Then of course, I have to add this to IRC:

* Senji slaps Emperor around the head with Sardine.