October 11th, 2004

septimus divergence


"Location" on London Underground lines is measured in km, along LU track, from Ongar, with a system for 'transferring' distance onto lines which aren't the Central line.

Ongar station itself has had no service for 10 (year and a day)s.
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There were Heros on both sides...

On Thursday </a></b></a>emperor and </a></b></a>antinomy and I went to see Hero. This is a film in the Chinese "Wuxia" tradition, like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, although it features less implausible "Mystic Wudang Flying"-style feats in favour of implausibly fast swordplay.

The film is mainly shown as a set of flashback sequences during the discussion between two of the main characters and is notable (in my mind) for the use of colour during these sequences.

It was a good film, and lots of fun.
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