September 23rd, 2004


Green Dragon Electricity

They are digging up everything on Stourbridge Common and the Green Dragon lawn, and they've stuck a big cable across the Green Dragon Footbridge. Apparently this is in aid of strengthening the 33kV3 provision across that route.

It's a bit annoying though; because it makes a nice pretty route into town rather ugly, loud and dirty.
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lego me


I've just smelled something I've not smelled for years. Cycling up Huntingdon Road between Newhall and the Beefeater I got a distinct wiff of "sugarbeet factory"; something I remember well from my time in York.
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Number Plates

On my way into town from Work today I saw a van with the numberplate SCOT.K; or at least I thought I did. On closer inspection (about 3 metres) it actually said S6OTK.

I thought non-standard plates like that were illegal nowadays?
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