September 18th, 2004


LaTeX problem

Why has my file stopped compiling?

It says this to me...
Collapse )

Oh, even stranger. If I use normal latex (to produce dvi output) it works...
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Braille Cheese?

I just noticed that our goat's cheese has braille writing on it; that looks rather like this (which will only work if you have unicode braille fonts!):


Hmm, just to complicate matters; that isn't what it said in my browser; because it doesn't seem to have the same character mappings as the character chart...

Well, this is what it actually looked like:

image of braille!

Edit: I've corrected that image; I've also screencaptured what mozilla gives me; which is:

incorrect image of braille!
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queen diamonds

Game Theory...

...we played Hearts in the pub this evening. It struck me that to a great extent the correct play was to use a different passing-strategy to the person who was passing you cards; and the same one as the person to whom you are passing (because usually this will make their hand worse).

This results in an interesting game theory situation; what I wonder is the correct meta-strategy here?
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