September 17th, 2004



In a bookmarklet-generator is linked too that pulls book information off the current Amazon page and submits it to the specified online library catalogue so that you can easily request said book.

It's really quite cool.

Anyway, the one for Cambridgeshire County Libraries is:

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Livejournal unfortunately won't let me create a link to it; presumably because of scripting attacks and unfortunately, as you can see, it requires javascript...
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Message from damerell II/II

And another message from the Pinkbeast...

Triumph! 980 miles, one tyre, five
flats, 14 days, two bent 
chainrings, one bent chain, one
hurt knee, and a lot of big meals
down.  Phew.

Sounds like they've made it.

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On indentation...

I've just been adding indentation to the HTML output by my lj style Grail. "Why?" I hear you ask. Because it helps to debug it, and indeed it does; I've already found one missing </div> and one missing </td>.

There's something particularly visually pleasing about:
          <img style="margin-left: 10%" src="http:

     <td valign="bottom" align="right">
      <table width="176" class="standard" cellpadd
       <tr valign="top">
        <td align="left">
          &gt; <a href="
          <a href="#top">&gt; go to top</a><br />

Still, it's about home time; even if the weather does look grim outside. I'll just fix those two bugs, then bug out of here...
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A couple of days ago I wrote Does anyone have the number of a good Directory Enquiries service?; a slighly wibbly "state of mind" piece on blogs. All well and good.

Strangely though, I've since been finding myself slightly disappointed that I haven't had someone pop up with a solution, or indications that a solution might be forthcoming. Somehow I've come, even in a small way, to see livejournal/blogging as a place to come for answers.

I'm not sure what this indicates....
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Grail to take away please // do you want validation with that?

So, one of the reasons why I want to make my HTML look pretty is so that I can fix bugs in it. Another way of fixing bugs is to use a validator.

Unfortunately, my code has no <!DOCTYPE> and is full of ljisms (never mind the crappoor quality HTML that people sometimes put in their entries). I don't really want to advertise it as any particular 'proper' type of HTML, because it isn't really. Is there anything stopping me from creating my own DTD with the typical ljisms in it, and advertising it as that?

Will that even work?
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Mozex (

Mozex, incidentally, is the Dog's Bollocks; particularly when it comes to editing things like LJ styles or LJ entries which fundamentally come in huge TEXTAREAs.

It works in recentish mozillae and firefoxen.

Consider this a "double-plus-good" recommendation...
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