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2004/09/16 10:24:00 - Gmail...
Yesterday I wombled across , the automatic gmail invite redistributor. I even publicised it a little bit on my links list.

What's got me a little surprised though is that they've managed to distribute about 4000 invites in the last 24 hours...!
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2004/09/16 21:55:00 - Seen on IRC...
<claroscuro> bang.  if no other bang in 6 seconds, i nuked you
<senji> bang
<claroscuro> if you bang tooo we all die
<yrieithydd> bang
<claroscuro> bang
<yrieithydd> bang
<senji> ~trout nukes
* Meths sends nukes to Cuba
* senji giggles
* yrieithydd giggles
* claroscuro doubles up

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2004/09/16 23:05:00 - If I could turn back time...
YKYBHTLW you start talking about a couple of hundred years as "not that long ago".
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Current Music: Cher -- If I could turn back time...

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2004/09/16 23:15:00 - Once Upon A Time … Memory
When ah was but a lassd there were this 'ere cartoon like. An the main characters were a trio of Red Blood Cells; two youngsters and the Professor; and they wandered around the Body and we learned about things. There were some evil Bacteria too.

The Body in question belonged to a kid, who we saw doing some stuff; usually involving an injury or disease...

Anyway, ah think what it were called something akin t' "Once Upon A Time … Life", and there was a "… Space" version too; but unfortunately these are practically unGooglable.

Anyone else remember of these?
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Current Music: The Corrs -- No Frontiers

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