September 15th, 2004


Does anyone have the number of a good Directory Enquiries service?

I feel there's a discovery problem in blogging. Most of the interesting blogs I read that I haven't found because they're written by friends I've just happened to wander across (such as Annie Mole's Tube Diary or Taxloss' This Isn't London).

However, this predisposes me towards finding blogs about things that either (a) I do websearches on frequently (b) my friends (and other blogs I read) happen to reference.

So, despite the fact that I'm at least marginally interested in Oil and Gas Data Management (since it's my day job!) I'm unlikely to find out about Bruce's new Oil and Gas DM blog that he's writing in Australia (for example).

Worse, I don't even know what sorts of things I'd be interested in....
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