July 30th, 2004

queen diamonds

All is three.

Played more Starcraft last night -- first a big map against three computer players, which was challenging in places, but fun and then we played a few quick games on the Abattoir map; which is very small with 8 starting locations.

We got deaded rather quickly the first couple of attempts; so we throttled back to facing 3 computers (rather than four), and once we defeated them we knew where we were to take on four of them. It's a rather brutal map and the strategy basically consists of "build as many units as you can".
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Amazon -- Evil Genii?

I've just been looking at Nobilis; and popping over to amazon (who strangely don't claim to have any in, but also claim to dispatch in 8-9 days) I note the following:

US List Price: $46.95
UK Equivalent: £25.56
Our Price: £23.00
You Save: £2.56 (10%)
5 Used & New from £21.16

Free UK delivery on orders over 
£25 with Super Saver Delivery. 
See details & conditions

Is it just suspicious little me who thinks that the 10% discount is there because it brings it under £25?
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