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2004/07/20 11:23:00 - TESCO
TESCO is always a lot less busy at 9am than it is at 5:30pm. I'm not going to shout this too loudly because then other working types like me might figure it out...

Not that this helped this morning, when I had to go back once to get the beef that claroscuro wanted; and entirely forgot the spices from the shopping list[1].

I did get to use the new self-service express checkout though. I think I prefer the one with the belt; since you don't have to get picky packing details right straight away.

[1] Our shopping list exists on a GROGGS server running spurge. Most users connect with yarrow, but I use GREED.
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2004/07/20 11:49:00 - A little bit of rhythm and a lotta soul
I was a little bit surprised last night to discover that Atomic Kitten had covered Locomotion. I was even more surprised to notice that they'd done this in 2001 and I hadn't noticed it being played during the intervening 3 years.

Still, the original Little Eva version is still the best...
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2004/07/20 12:07:00 - Mozilla -- Grrrr....
Why doesn't mozilla grok <a name="foo" id="foo" /> correctly (rather than deciding that the rest of the block is inside an anchor?).
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2004/07/20 20:48:00 - Chill out...
Our office AirCon unit has a bug.

If it gets too hot (like apparently happened this morning), then it'll trip, and stop cooling things. It still makes loud "I'm working" noises though. It makes no visible indication of this state. Apart from not working; that is.

Apparently the solution to this is to turn it off and then on again.

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