July 19th, 2004


Well, I'm back!

tEC was good. More later if I can be bothered.

My choice of traveling wear was justified when it absolutely poured it down halfway home from the station; but I managed to avoid getting sticky wet clothing of death, 'cos I was only wearing shorts and t-shirt.

It would appear that a fun oblivion_party occurred in my absence; and I'm now left with a faint "desire" to write naath/chess RPS.

I'm ignoring this desire... :)

Good to be at tEC, but good to be home, too.
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Got back from Durham to find a nice letter from my bank (the HSBC) to say that they'd soon be sending me a nice new ChipAndPin card. I don't want a ChipAndPin card; I'd much rather stay with my existing one thankyou.

Oh, well. I guess that just means that I'll have to increase their ATM costs by paying for more stuff in cash...

Toothywiki ChipAndPin page is here: http://www.toothycat.net/wiki/wiki.pl?ChipAndPin for people who haven't been following this argument....
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About three weeks ago I went to visit Bircham Windmill. I've just got organised enough to scan the entry ticket (which includes a drawing of the mill itself.

Collapse )

I particularly like "The ladders and verandah were made for use by one miller", which implies safety guidelines, but doesn't give them....
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Plot Bunny

For some time I have had a plot bunny for Five Find Facts in Afghanistan. It's an unfortunately insistent Bunny too; despite the obvious anachronism.

Must Resist....
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I frobbed Grail a bit today.

Now every entry on my fiends page has "edit" and "remember" links where appropriate, and all have either "link" or "## scribbles" (comments) links.

Similarly I've moved the navigation bar into text links in the entry page, and made it easier to detect OP comments.

Next up; rationalise the Reply page. (Why the fuck isn't this the same as the Entry page with a bit of magic?)
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