July 9th, 2004


The Sleeper

damerell informs me that it's now 2032 and I've slept for the last 28 years in a magic cave.

Apparantly I have to get a frannistan to ward off the grues. These devices use the principle of crossphasic action to bipolarise the grue's natural tendency to precess.

Unfortunately I'm confused. Oh, well, that's life...

Edit: Originally dated 2032/07/09, but changed because that buggered up lj.
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I blame the flowers

Spent Tuesday, Wednesday and most of Thursday feeling crap; apparently hayfever-related; particularly since it all cleared up overnight during the mega-rain-of-death…

As a side effect I've had to skim read lots of lj stuff, so if there's anything you think I should've replied to that I haven't, do let me know…
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I've started seeing lots of edited posts which have the edited bit marked ETA. Can anyone provide me with enlightenment[1]?

[1] And I don't mean a 1990s window manager...
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