June 27th, 2004

lego me


Yesterday morning I got up at the unearthly hour of 8am (which would've been more earthly if I hadn't been up until about 4am with playing games with angoel, ceb, Diziet and PJC and subsequent faffage), which was only 30mins later than The Plan, and rushed out of the house to get the 0932 train to King's Lynn; with just enough time to pick up a Café Maya and Muffin in the station.

All this faffage was in aid of visiting my family, who are on holiday in South Creake. Esther and Grace have got older again! (I guess this endemic among kids) In particular Esther is capable of carrying out a vaguely plausible (if simple) conversation. And she wore me out playing a memory game then sticking stickers in a book while I was there.

After lunch my father, brother-in-law and I (with Grace along) drove about for a bit looking for a Pitch-and-Putt that wasn't in the rain, but ran out of time so went up a Windmill instead, which was quite interesting.
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harry potter


Last night, after returning from the Dire North I decided to go to a film for the evening. Since the only thing on at a convenient time was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban I decided to go see that again (was planning on doing so anyway).

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sleepy rin


Blogging appears to have improved my casual use of HTML, I'm now casually using such tags as ACRONYM, ABBR, DFN, CITE and BLOCKQUOTE, and I think so much in EM and STRONG that I have difficulty not writing things like this is an <em>very</em> irritating thing, because the EM is part of my thinking. I still have problems deciding when I want EM and when I want I though... :-)
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