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2004/06/10 00:41:00 - Interesting memeage from ghoti and marnanel
Post anonymously, giving me three clues to who you are. Then let me try to guess.

I'll probably be very bad at this!
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2004/06/10 15:30:00 - Simple voting eligability for people who are registered in more than one place.
I posted this earlier as a comment in beckyc's journal, but I've been pointing it at a lot of people, so I'm going to repost it an an entry. It's a simple explanation of where people who are registered in more than one place (this should include all UK students who are not living at home) are eligable to vote (in the UK).
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2004/06/10 16:13:00 - A Plastic Blue Crocodile
ceb's anonymous thing reminded me that while I've posted pictures of rhinovirus and bagpuss there's no picture of the blue crocodile on here.

So here it is...

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2004/06/10 23:55:00 - It's all damerell's fault...
...that I have an urge to write Caslet/Foraker...
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