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2004/05/21 09:54:00 - Thought from the coalface
Something I'd like is a piece of software which lets me modify an existing document by annotation, as if I were proofreading a document.
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2004/05/21 15:35:00 - OK?

No, it isn't OK, you silly programme. Now go away and do something more useful instead!
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2004/05/21 17:23:00 - Shown to me by emperor
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2004/05/21 23:54:00 - Quotation Marks...
Hmm, I've just had a discussion, armed with Fowler, with enismirdal who insists "Punctuation always comes before the quotes"; but other than the authoritarianistical approach of saying "This is what Fowler says" and a couple of ambiguities that I can think of, I can't think of a good reason why what she says is wrong...

Help anyone?
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