May 18th, 2004

sleepy rin

Username colour meme from zeft

Copy and paste this: <font color=yourusername><b>yourusername</b></font> into your journal.

Which gives:


Strangely this way that all strings map to a colour was mentioned in The Castle on Thursday, in the middle of a discussion of rgb.txt.

Unfortunately senji appears to be quite a boring colour.
harry potter

Drabble - Circles and Lies

Inspired by morganmuffle, with a lot of help from angelofthenorth...

Ron raised his head, and read from the book.

"Seducers, Flatterers," he paused, "Simonists?"

"I'll explain later."

"Thanks Hermione, Sorcerers." Harry grinned "They don't like us, these Muggles..."

"Not the same thing." Hermione snapped back, unsuccessfully ignoring them while doing her Arithmancy.

"Suffer not a witch to live?"

"That's different."
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