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2004/04/26 23:10:00 - CCGs weekend.
As is becoming usual for a last-weekend, I spent last weekend in Welwyn (GC) playing Lord of the Rings and Netrunner CCGs.

LotR was fun, and I placed about halfway in both Constructed and Draft, and I came away with an interesting deck idea for next time.

Netrunner-wise, I didn't come last for once (in fact my deck did really well -- if I'd been a bit luckier in my final match I might've won). But more interestingly we invented a new draft format, which Paul describes in this post to the NETRUNNER-L mailing list. Current forerunner for a name is "Dave's Cake Draft".

Next month we're probably going to end up drafting for the new LotR set Reflections and try a counterdraft in Netrunner....
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