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2004/04/23 17:58:00 - Today at work...
...we got a VERY LARGE BOX (TM). It turns out that this VLB contains an object called a TAPE OVEN which one uses to cook 9-track tapes in when they're sticky.

Still, this meant a short while unpacking said oven from the VLB, which is now residing by the bins.

The VLB surrounded by its haremCollapse )
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2004/04/23 20:51:00 - Things I'd never internalised about cycling....
When you have two heavy panniers filled with shopping it is very easy to:
  • Accidently do a wheelie when you've applied too much pressure on the pedals.

  • Get freaked out by doing this.

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2004/04/23 21:31:00 - Livejournal beancounting.
Hmmm, at the end of last night I had posted 300 posts to lj...

Also, I like the change they've made to the Profile page...
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2004/04/23 22:50:00 - Why?
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2004/04/23 23:32:00 - Box?



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