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2004/04/15 10:49:00 - Seen on USENET....
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2004/04/15 21:14:00 - Random Thoughts
"You have to have a special corset to be worse than a lawyer" (misheard)

"You don't have a god accelerator in the basement to test out whether something's divine or not"
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Current Music: Simon and Garfunkel -- Bridge over Troubled Water

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2004/04/15 21:56:00 - Tell me about me.
I'm beginning to think that "Sad geek.", while being a succinct description of me could be improved as my Bio; so what about me is True or Representative or Important and should be in my Bio?
Current Mood: [mood icon] inquisitive
Current Music: Simon and Garfunkel -- The Only Living Boy in New York

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2004/04/15 22:11:00 - Grrrr
Fesking Software is All Crap and Should Be Rewritten By Someone Competent.
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2004/04/15 23:18:00 - Bristolian Weekend
So, I'm going to Bristol this weekend for phoenixandy's Stag Night.

Wish me luck with the trains!
Current Mood: [mood icon] happy
Current Music: Queen -- Bohemian Rhapsody

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