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2004/04/09 13:42:00 - Welsh Bang Up 419er (

I am the daughter of Peter Okeoguale, unfairly imprisoned in Wales in the course of legal financial transactions. Before he was arrested by the UK government he had acquired legal rights to approximately £40,000,000 in funds of third world countries. The UK government wishes retrieve these monies itself in order to ease it's balance of payments; and I suspect that they are currently questioning my father as to its location.

However, before he was arrested, he gave me the details of how to retrieve these funds. The UK government, however, are watching my every move so I am contacting you in the hope that you can help me. Should you be willing to do so then your share will be 25% of the monies that we eventually succeed in extracting.

This enterprise is entirely legal, and all it will require from you is the use of your name and bank account. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so that I can help you to set up the Swiss bank account that will be required.


Ms Okeoguale.
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2004/04/09 17:18:00 - I am become death, destroyer of worlds
Or rather emperor and claroscuro have, destroying the ants' nest of d00m outside our conservatory...
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